In our research, we focus on the evaluation of mental health service structures, clinical processes, psychopathological development, epidemiology and subjective perspectives on psychiatric disorders and treatment. We target on an integrated approach including the views of patients, relatives, lay persons and professionals. In our studies we use quantitative and qualitative methods including explorative and empirical analyses of routine data and psychopathology, subjective parameters and clinical functioning. Current projects focus on early recognition of at risk mental state, coercive practices in psychiatric treatment, the evaluation of new services, housing rehabilitation, individual recovery processes. We engage in interdisciplinary research in association with our partner institutions. We feel obliged to the training of young scientists. Therefore, we welcome students on all levels of qualification to participate in our activities.

Early recognition of psychosis
Risk for transition
Risk for functional decline

Involuntary treatment
Therapeutic relationship
Coercive measures

Involuntary admission
Psychiatric service research
Home treatment
Supported housing

Research Projects

  • Mental illness: Towards a meta-theoretical approach (Swiss National Science Foundation, 2019 – 2020, Nr. CRSK-3_190524)
  • Individual Housing and Support for individuals with severe mental illness (Swiss National Science Foundation, 2019 – 2022, Nr. 10531C_179451)
  • Development and validation of a screener for clinical high risk states of psychosis in German speaking children, adolescents, young adults and elderly people.
  • Involuntary Admission in Switzerland: Clinical outcome in dependence of differences in the legislation
  • Attitudes of patients, relatives and professionals towards security measured in psychiatry
  • Court decisions of involuntarily admitted patients with petition for release
  • Informal coercion – attitudes and knowledge held by mental health professionals
  • Relevance of confidants in clinical course of involuntarily admitted patients
  • Clinical course of patients treated by an acute home treatment team