Carlos Nordt

Carlos Nordt, Dr. phil.

Research Associate

Phone: +41 (44) 384 24 08

Curriculum vitae

Carlos Nordt studied sociology at the University of Zurich, doctoral thesis about physicians' working conditions and work satisfaction in different practice models of primary care. He has been doing research in the field of substance use disorders (SUDs) since 2002. His main motivation in undertaking research in this field is to gain a better understanding of the epidemiology of drug use, including factors that are important for treatment need and treatment availability and their effects on individual and societal level. His research is driven by the idea that we do still not really understand the often complicated and long lasting patterns of cycling in and out of treatment within opioid users.

Presently, his research focuses on developing new models and methods using data from sizable treatment registers and combining them with data from other resources to adequately model the complex process of treatment provision and its effects on drug users and society.