Kenneth Dürsteler

Kenneth Dürsteler, Dr. phil.

Research Associate and Clinical Psychologist

Phone: +41 (0)44 205 58 00

Curriculum vitae

I have been doing research in the field of substance use disorders (SUDs) since 1997. During this time, I have been working in collaborative research with colleagues from other university institutes located in Switzerland and Germany.

My main motivation in undertaking research in this field is to gain a better understanding of SUDs and to optimize their assessment and treatment. My research is driven by the idea that patients with SUDs should be able to achieve the highest quality of life possible and is guided by the philosophy that they merit respect and professional commitment.

Presently, my research focuses on neuropsychobiological responses to drug-related stimuli. We have developed and are currently evaluating a multidimensional cue-reactivity paradigm integrating various methods, such as acoustic startle reflex, prepulse inhibition and dual-task measurement. The goal is to improve the understanding of addiction and the complex processes underlying cue reactivity, craving and relapse.