Dario Dornbierer, PhD

Dario Dornbierer, PhD

Postdoctoral Scientist

Phone: +41 (0)58 384 2325


Curriculum vitae

Dario Dornbierer is a pharmaceutical scientist and pharmacist (ETH Zurich). During his PhD (DPPP ZH and IPT ETH) he investigated the pharmacological effects of gamma-hydroxybutyrate on sleep neurophysiology, neuroimmune interactions and brain metabolism in humans. Furthermore, he developed and tested a novel pharmaceutical product for the treatment of wake-up difficulties. In 2018, he received a UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship postdoc grant to develop and test an innovative “ayahuasca” formulation for the safe and rapid-acting treatment of mood disorders. His main interests comprise pharmaceutical technologies, psychedelic science and sleep psychopharmacology. He employs drug formulation techniques, multimodal imaging, and blood biomarker analyses.