Quentin Huys, MBBS PhD

Quentin Huys, MBBS PhD, Dr. med.

Clinical Senior Lecturer

Division of Psychiatry Deputy Director

UCL Max Planck Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research

University College London Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust


I build computational models of cognitive and emotional processes in an attempt to improve our understanding and treatment of mental illnesses, particularly depression and substance use. My lab currently focuses on using neural and behavioural computational markers to predict relapse after antidepressant discontinuation, and on using computational models to examine value-based decision-making.

Selected Publications

Schad, Rapp, Garbusow, Nebe, Obst, Sommer, Sebold, Deserno, Rabovsky, Friedel, Romanczuk-Seiferth, Wittchen, Zimmermann, Walter, Sterzer, Smolka, Schlagenhauf, Heinz, Dayan, Huys (2019): Dissociating neural learning signals in human sign- and goal-trackers Nature Human Behaviour (IF: 10.575)2019 doi:



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Deserno, Huys, Boehme, Buchert, Heinze, Gace, Dolan, Heinz, Schlagenhauf (2015): Ventral Striatal Dopamine Reflects Behavioral and Neural Signatures of Model-Based Control during Sequential Decision Making. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (IF: 9.504), 112(5):1595-600


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