Research Groups

Research Groups:

Addictive Disorders (PD Dr. M. Herdener)

Computational Psychiatry (Prof. Dr. D. Bach)

Conceptual History of Psychiatry (Prof. Dr. P. Hoff)

Electrophysiology and Prediction in Psychiatry (PD Dr. S. Olbrich)

Experimental Psychopathology and Psychotherapy (Prof. Dr. B. Kleim)

Experimental and Clinical Pharmacopsychology (Prof. Dr. B.Quednow)

Integrative Psychiatry Research (PD Dr. S. Vetter)

Individual Differences in Psychosis (IDP) (Dr. P. Homan)

Mental Health Care and Service Research (PD Dr. M. Jäger)

Mitochondrial Function in Depression (PD Dr. L. Holper)

MR Methods (PD Dr. P. Stämpfli)

Neurophenomenology of Consciousness(Prof. Dr. F.X. Vollenweider)

Neuropsychiatry and Precision Medicine of Cerebral Aging (Prof. Dr. J. Popp)

Novel Treatment Mechanisms in Affective Disorders (Dr. M. Colla) (Dr. M. Colla)

Preclinical Lab for Translational Research into Affective Disorders (PLATRAD) (Prof. Dr. C. Pryce)

Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (Prof. Dr. M. Rufer)

Translational Neuroimaging Methods (Prof. Dr. F. Scharnowski)

Translational Biomarkers in Depression (Prof. Dr. G. Kronenberg)

Junior Research Groups:

 Experimental Stress and Depression Therapies (PD Dr. O.G. Bosch)

Humanities in Mental Health (Dr. A. Maatz)

Neuroimaging and Transdiagnostic Research in Psychosis (Dr. M. Kirschner)

Pharmaco-Neuroimaging and Cognitive-Emotional Processing (Dr. K. Preller)

Psychedelic Research & Therapy Development (Dr. M. Scheidegger)

Psychotherapy of Depression and Anxiety (PD Dr. R. Krähenmann)


V. Ajdacic-Gross

S. Weidt

Affiliated Scientists and Institutions:

H. Böker

U. Herwig

Q. Huys

M. Jäger

W. Kawohl

F. Klaus

F. Schneeberger

The KEY Institute for Brain-Mind Research

Institute for Response-Genetics