Dr. phil. Florence Hagenmuller

Dr. phil. Florence Hagenmuller

Phone: 044 296 7315


Curriculum vitae

1989-2001 School education, Avignon (F)

2002-2005 Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Montpellier (F) and University of Heidelberg (D)

2006-2009 Master of Science in Psychology, University of Konstanz (D) Master’s thesis “Empathic Resonance in Psychopathy”

Since 2009 Cognition psychologist at the Psychiatry University Hospital of Zürich, Research Unit for Clinical and Social Psychiatry, The Zurich Programme for the Sustainable Development of Psychiatry in Zurich (ZInEP, www.zinep.ch)

2010-2014 PhD at the University of Zürich about Asperger Syndrome and Empathy

Since 2014 Consultation for the diagnostic assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, clinical psychologist

Current research projects

- “Zurich Initiative for a sustainable Development of Psychiatric Care” (ZInEP), coordinator of subproject Center for Neuro- and Sociophysiology -

Objective assessment of empathic resonance in Asperger Syndrome

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