Uwe Herwig

Uwe Herwig, Prof. Dr. med.

Professor of Psychiatry




Curriculum vitae

Head of the research group emotion regulation.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Ulm, Germany.
Specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Since 2002 at the University Hospital  of Psychiatry Zurich, Switzerland, currently Senior Consultant and Head (Chefarzt), Clinic for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine.

Prior resident physician and afterwards Consultant at the Psychiatric University Hospital Ulm, Gemany. Neurological and neurosurgical studies at the Inselspital, University Bern, Switzerland.

1986-1994 Studies of medicine at the University Göttingen, Germany.
PhD at the Max-Planck-Institute for biophysical chemistry, Göttingen, Germany.

Current research

  • Emotion regulation in affective disorders
  • Neural representations of „Self“-functions
  • Pharmacological influences on emotional informationprocessing
  • Influence of transcranial magnetic stimulation on depression
  • Neurofeedback via real-time fMRI


  • Functional magnetic resonance imaging transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • Support by Swiss National Science Funds