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Department of Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

New Junior Research Groups

For the first time, the Research Board of the Center for Psychiatric Research has approved six new independent Junior Research Groups:


  • PD Dr. O.G. Bosch, Experimental Stress and Depression Therapies
  • Dr. M. Kirschner, Neuroimaging and Transdiagnostic Research in Psychosis
  • PD Dr. R. Krähenmann, Psychotherapy of Depression and Anxiety
  • Dr. A. Maatz, Humanities in Psychiatry
  • Dr. K. Preller, Pharmaco-Neuroimaging and Cognitive-Emotional Processing
  • Dr. M. Scheidegger, Psychedelic Research & Therapy Development


We sincerely congratulate all of the promising young researchers for this important step in their scientific careers.


On behalf of the Research Board,


Prof. Dr. Boris Quednow

Executive Research Coordinator