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Department of Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

ERC Consolidator Grant for Prof. Dominik Bach

The European Research Council (ERC) awards Prof. Dominik Bach EUR 1'998'750 for the research project "Action-Selection Under Threat:the Complex Control of Human Defence"(Action Contra Threat)


Understanding human behaviour under threat. Run away, sidestep, duck-and-cover, watch – in his project, Dominik Bach seeks to understand by which psychological and neural mechanisms humans navigate threatening situations and choreograph a wide range of possible actions. With the aid of virtual reality techniques giving study volunteers a sense of danger, the researchers will track their movements and record neural responses using magnetoencephalography. This should provide further insights into psychiatric conditions such as phobias or post-traumatic stress disorder, but also help professionals to train for hazardous environments.


Dominik R Bach, PhD, MD
University of Zurich



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European Research Council (ERC)