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Department of Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


The working group addresses with the following topics of sports psychiatry:

Sports psychiatry as a medical and psychiatric specialty

  • Description of sports psychiatry, and role definition of sports psychiatrists

Mental health in high-performance and elite sports

  • Screening and diagnosis of psychiatric complaints and disorders in high-performance sports
  • Mental health and disorders in elite alpine skiing [In preparation]
  • Mental health in elite Swiss para-sports [Cooperation with Nikolai Kiselev, Swiss Institute for Addiction   and Health Research, University of Zurich]
  • Violence and abuse in sports [Ralph Schmidt]
  • Migration and mental health in elite sports [Susanne Mosimann]
  • RED-S in female elite athletes and its association with depression and eating disorders [Robin Halioua / cooperation with Karsten Köhler, TUM Department of Sport and Health Sciences, Technical University of Munich]
  • Elite coaches’ mental health and its influence on elite athletes [Laura Baumann]

Sports-specific mental disorders and illnesses in recreational sports

  • Purging behaviors in individuals at-risk for muscle dysmorphia [Robin Halioua]
  • Step counting as a possible compensatory behaviour in individuals at risk for muscle dysmorphia and its association with binge eating and purging [Robin Halioua]
  • Swiss Cohort of Image- and Performance Enhancing Drug Users [SCIPED; in preparation]

  • Attitudes of health professionals towards IPED users

Physical activity in prevention and therapy of mental illnesses

  • Physical Activity Counselling IN PATients with major depressive disorders [PACINPAT; Christian Imboden / cooperation with Markus Gerber, Department of Sport, Exercise and Health, University of Basel]
  • Analysis of sports and movement therapy at psychiatric clinics in Switzerland [Christian Imboden / cooperation with Markus Gerber, Department of Sport, Exercise and Health, University of Basel]
  • Catamnestic study of physical activity during and after inpatient stay, association with depressive symptoms, quality of life and determinants of physical activity [In preparation]

Education and training

  • Education and training in sports psychiatry